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Dental Surgery

Dental surgery includes any surgery performed in or immediately around the mouth. This includes all types of dental extractions, including molar extraction, wisdom tooth extraction and all other types of tooth extraction. Occasionally, a soft or hard tissue biopsy is indicated when oral cancer is suspected.

Some dental surgery procedures are designed to prepare the mouth for other dentistry procedures. These include pre-prosthetic surgery procedures such as a torus mandibularis or torus palatinus removal, tissue conditioning, exostosis removal, labial frenectomy, lingual frenectomy, excision of hyper-plastic tissue, and alveoloplasty.

Dental surgery services related to root canal failure are apicoectomy, hemisection and root amputation. Periodontal plastic procedures include gingival grafting, cosmetic gum contouring, root coverage, gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, osseous surgery, and the distal wedge procedure. The popularity of dental implants has created interest in bone grafting, ridge expansion and sinus lift procedures. Emergency oral surgery procedures include tooth reimplantation, stabilization of traumatized teeth, abscess drainage, mucocele excision, ranula excision and the removal of a supernumerary tooth. Contact us for a consultation today!